Write once, deploy anywhere

MkTurk was conceived out of the idea that neuroscience & psychology experiments should be widely disseminable. Operationaly, the code should only be written once and then the identical experiment run on any species of choice, biological or artificial. To make this a reality, the primary innovation of MkTurk is to use a webapp for its software and a webUSB-connected arduino for interfacing external hardware. This minimalist combination is capable of frame-rate visual psychophysics on any operating system that supports the Chrome browser and any device with a standard USB-C port.



3D Animation Sequence

Rotation → light position → morph → size change

Image Filter Sequence

Brightness → contrast → grayscale → hue rotate → inversion → sepia filters

Core Capabilities

  • Cross-Platform & Cross-Device

    Runs on MacOS, Windows, Linux, Android, iOS
    Desktop, Phone and Tablet

  • 3D Rendering

    Realtime 3D scene rendering through three.js

  • Eye-tracking

    Eye-tracking @ 90 Hz through Arrington

  • Cloud Storage

    Cloud storage through Google Cloud Storage, Firestore, & BigQuery.

  • WebBluetooth & WebUSB

    Web Bluetooth & webUSB interface to external devices

  • Amazon MTurk

    Human psychophysics through Amazon MTurk

  • ONNX

    Model psychophysics through ONNX (coming soon!)

Web-based Systems for Experiments